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Published: 31st October 2012
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Zimbra Email Provider India is a server working with mails and contacts primarily. It is a very functional email server for business people who are starting a business or the ones with years of business experience. The email service is modified and designed to suit the requirements of professionals who have to keep in touch with clients and customers all the time. Zimbra is even more necessary in organizations where communication is the key to business development. Since checking mails and sorting them out according to customer priorities takes up enormous amount of energy and time within the office hours, having specialized software to deal with the problem acts as a boon. This is where Zimbra Email Provider India comes into act which does all the office work keeping with programmed instructions. It is also augmented with features like calendar attachments that make keeping records of event dates and meetings easy.

Unlike other mail servers, Zimbra has a backup system of its own where log files are stored without the help from other servers. The fact that even firewalls can be managed easily through Zimbra Email Provider India makes Zimbra a very secure mailing system in all organizations. A range of services are present in the server and the computer has to be configured in a way such that the RAM has enough space to hold the software in Zimbra. The different editions of the server have been devised to serve different functions. Starter edition is the one which collaborates with 15 mailbox licenses that give periodic software updates. Some Zimbra applications come with this edition but not all. Networking is well grounded through professional edition of Zimbra Email Provider India, wherein the limit of mailbox licensing is not stated. Similarly, unlimited mailboxes can be availed through standard edition in which Connector, Archives, and Discovery are present. This gives its customers and additional advantage.

Blackberry Enterprise Server is a competitor in the same field working for business enterprises and giving them boost since start. Its work value lies in the fact that it provides all the facilities that Zimbra provides and it establishes a valid communication base for official transactions and business deals. This software also provides a technological link between the employee’s personal email account and the company’s email account whereby the two inboxes are automatically allied. Calendar features in the Blackberry Enterprise Server enable the user to know the schedules of co-workers instantly and make appointments accordingly. It is a part of the internet service and bills paid for online access covers its cost and other charges for use. The only drawback is that the user must have a Blackberry smart-phone and subscription to internet plans as structured by Blackberry. This is also effective in planning official meetings and conferences and preparing yourself for those meetings. The latest offing from the Blackberry Enterprise Server house is the Express 5.0 which houses all the required emailing features along with other special applications to increase work flow notably.

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